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New Spring Time opportunities

I love the Spring Time! I mean, I REALLY love it. I'm hearing the birds chirping and the sun is getting a bit warmer now, people are slowing emerging from their hibernation and taking to the parks and walking paths once again, what's not to love about it? Spring is like your second chance for a clean slate. The New Year's resolutions were great failed attempts for a new you and are now behind you collecting dust, but then spring comes and something comes alive in you again. It's natures beckoning call to get up, dust yourself off and enjoy the life you have and to live it out to the fullest.

Here are some great tips that I thought I'd share with you for enjoying every moment of it.

1. Take a drive to somewhere you haven't seen before. Road trips are AWESOME this time of year.

2. Grab your morning coffee and take time to sit outside and listen to the birds bring in a new day.

3. Hold hands and take a slow stroll along the lake with the one you love.

4. Be a good Samaritan and offer to clean the yard for the elderly man or woman who would be more than touched by your generousity. There's usually some great home made baked goods in it for you too, and if not the smiles you get will be more than satisfying.

5. Make an intentional effort to slow down and be present in the lives of those you get to do LIFE with. The warmer weather usually brings with it a slightly busier pace, so be intentional about the relationships around you.

6. And lastly, slow down and enjoy the moments. And as a photographer I love to bring my camera wherever I go because you never know when your going to see the perfect water lily opening up to the morning sun as I did in this photo below.

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