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Cottage Life

Thought I'd share a few pictures recently taken on a family get away. This is a sample Documentary Lifestyle style of portraiture that I am shortly going to be offering to my clients in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted when released.

The sunrises at the cottage were amazing, the weather was perfect, but the family bonding and laughs around evening games and BBQ's were the best! No electronics, no internet, just sharing and getting to know each other again, minus the distractions. I did put down my camera and played in the water too, but certainly was a challenge at times not to run back up to the cottage, grab the camera and start shooting. There was SO much to enjoy and so much beauty. Yes, I was captivated with the spider web...... I won't lie, and enjoyed making my dad look like a national geographic photographer. (which by the way, you could view his work too at his site

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