"Type" Salon & Barber was a fun way to kick-off the wedding day.

Not only did the Bride, the Mother of the Bride and the Bridesmaid look AMAZING the day of the wedding, but there was plenty of fun and laughs to go around in the ultra rustic chic salon & barber that provided a beautiful throw back atmosphere to the morning. It was kind of like stepping back into an episode of the "Happy Days" for those of us who are old enough to remember the classics. The high energy, fun and charm of the salon along with it's amazing crew this particular morning seemed to fit the bride just perfectly. I got the impression that there is quite a bit 'silly' in Jen already with the fun quirky smiles she flashed at me, to the 'come, you gotta get this' shot of her outrageous curl flopped to the front of her face. It was truly a fun way to start the day, and you somehow felt like family when you left. Boy, did the bride look gorgeous!https://www.facebook.com/Typesalonandbarber/

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