It's a new year, new season!

Ever wonder how many times we made new goals and plans for change as we build our "New Year's Resolutions" telling ourselves "This is it! I'm doing it!", only to watch those amazing intentions take second place to more tasty, fun, comfy or easier alluring temptations calling our names in the moment?? Well if you're like me you just hung your head and slowly raised your hand. Yup, that's me! My name is Nicole and I am a reformed procrastinator!

We've all been there right? Let's face it, some of us like the comforts....for now....until we see that we're not where we would like to be or envision for our business.

All of us start somewhere, but those who are thriving are the ones that keep going no matter the obstacles or distractions that stand in the way. So how are we going to get there?

-Start with putting negative self talk behind you. Surround yourself with those who are achievers, visionaries and movers. Listen to how they talk, and talk about themselves.

-Put the "have not's, why not's and are not's" aside. See each of these rather as challenges that you will overcome and grow from, learning new strengths and resourcefulness.

-Write out your goals and projections for your business and make yourself accountable to someone who was once where you are and is where you want to be. (Again, the importance of networking with other professionals!)

-Hire, ask questions, seek out help for areas of weakness in your business. Grow in your strengths and don't be afraid of your weaknesses.

-And finally, here are my thoughts.....Don't let anyone, including yourself stop you in your dreams. Be strong and get moving. You can do it! Be yourself in the future looking back at today....and smile. Life's good!

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