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The Truly Remarkable Women in life!....and my Hero.

There's been a lot of talk lately of "girl power" taking to the streets all over the world for the fight for civil rights, and now while I'm not here at all to get into any political discussion bringing accolades or disrepute on the manner, I will tell you I am here to share my thoughts on what makes a truly remarkable woman a leader in her own right....REAL "girl power"!

They say that one will meet an average of 10,000 people in your lifetime. That's a whole lot of people.....and people that to some degree or another impact our lives in some way, large or small. What a gift and amazing responsibility to make sure wherever possible we choose the right women in our lives to lead us and leave their mark.

The dictionary definition of REMARKABLE is "worthy of notice or attention of someone who is extraordinary". Sounds like someone who certainly has "girl power". So who am I talking about what? What characteristics make a woman great?

Let me share my thoughts with you:

The characteristics of a REMARKABLE woman are the women that lead without even knowing they are leading...the one that walks in and out of peoples lives with grace and integrity, compassion and truth, humility and wisdom. The one that puts herself last, not because she is a martyr, but because the capacity for love in her heart is so large that she sees only those around her. Her sights are focused on what is really important in life and doesn't get caught up in the opinions of others, nor jumps on the band wagons of others, but her convictions are real and faith is unmoved because she is rooted in truth. Her hands are soft and reach out often, her eyes are gentle and always looking for ways to bless those around her, and her words are soft and thoughtfully chosen. She cares, she shares, she prays in secret. She is not often in the limelight shouting from box carts on the streets, but she is the one making real differences in the lives of the people around her, who are heard, who are loved and who matter because of her....not because she is making a name for herself, but because she knows who she is and her cause. She loves because she knows she is loved.

Happy Birthday Mom!! Thank you for being the one in MY life that has been truly REMARKABLE!

I would LOVE to hear others thoughts on what makes a woman great, and want to hear all about that woman (or women) in your life that are truly remarkable too. Please share your stories with me.

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