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Welcome Baby Douglas Sylvain Ochiai

It was a truly beautiful night! Born Sunday night at just before 11pm, this baby made his entrance into the world and into the arms of his very proud parents Tak & Jennifer Ochiai. As momma had her new baby boy laid upon her chest immediately you heard a beautiful warm song hummed softly as she cried and stared at her sons wrinkly little face. And when dad got to hold his son for the first time you could see all the dreams being laid out in front of him...and you could see how this little guys now changed this proud dad's life forever. I was overwhelmed! Having the chance to be there to capture this couple's wedding day as they pledged their love to each other being here to capture the birth of this new life they created together, and pledging now their love for their little family. So many memories to continue creating for this beautiful family! Congratulations Tak & Jen!

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