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What is your WHY?

For me, starting a business has been a wild ride with so many thrilling twists and turns! Some twists have you holding your breath, while some have you screaming out in total exhilaration, like 'this is really happening!' It's the best ride to be on and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The one thing that comes to me through it all over and over again is, what is my 'why'? What drives me to put one foot in front of the other and to be stretched in new and exciting ways? What keeps me going after failures or let downs? For me that answer is simple.....I love what I do and the people I get to serve! They say if you love what you do for work then you'll never have to work a day. And while all that sounds really great, admirable, the goal even, is it still my real WHY?

Ok, so this question has pushed me to dig deeper into who I am as an artist and what I offer my clientele. Yes, I love the creative elements, it is who I am. Yes, I love to work with people, it's also how I'm made. But does all this still answer my 'why'?

Each one of us is given one life to live. Each one made so differently in the make-up of passions, interests, influences and abilities. And each one of us is given the opportunities unique to us to do what we were created to do. At the foundation of THIS is our WHY.

When Creation Speaks Photography was born from a place of constant asking God this questions, 'what is MY why?' That's when my eyes were opened to my story, to the stories of so many around me, to the ones I know personally and the ones I don't yet know. Each person has their story! Some stories are hidden away out of sight, while others are displayed neatly for all to see. The stories are in people's eyes, they are in their hands and what they are holding tightly to, they are seen in their body language, and environments. Every story is so precious, no matter it's context, beginning or ending....every story matters and every story should be told!

Over and over I'm told by those who I get to work with that they love my angles, and concepts in my images, as though they are being drawn into someone's story. I have been called a digital storybook teller by some, and others have told me that they want me to tell their story. In all this amazing feedback from my past bride's, nervous grooms, elderly and glowing pregnant mommas has brought me back to the REAL reasons I do what I do. Why the name 'When Creation Speaks' was given to what I do. My passion is to tell Creation's story! I believe in my heart that your story, raw or refined, is so important, passionate and true...and I want to share your story in a way that will be remembered and retold years to come. Stories are also evolving and amazing and I'm passionate about it all.

You may not be a photographer like me, but you might be working in the office or under the heat of the sun. You might be influencing young minds or assisting the sick or broken down in the last days of life. Each of you have your story and each of you has your WHY.

What are the things that you are passionate about? Then dig a little deeper and find your 'why'!

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