Taking the Baby Steps

It's Monday morning and if you're anything like me today you're dragging your feet, praying for your cup of java to kick in any minute now. My thoughts rush to all the events of the weekend; all of the neat people I had a chance to capture behind my camera, and then to the sessions booked ahead, I can't wait to capture new life events this year! I couldn't be more happy and excited! Every new session is for me is a chance to meet a new friend! I love it! I couldn't help to but say to God, "Thank you for putting this in my hand! I love what I do!"

So what does all of this have to do with taking baby steps? LOTS! (and ok, the coffee is now kicking in! We're good to go!). In business I've come to realize that it's all of the tiny moments taken that are vitally important to it's growth and nurture, in bringing what's in my heart and head to an actual, tangible reality. It's the stuff behind the scenes that make it all happen. That's why daily journaling and goal setting is now a part of my daily routine. It has to be. It's planning out all of the little baby steps that it takes to reach the end goal, and that's just for today's goal! There are many more for tomorrow's too. At the end of it all I've reached a much larger goal...and find that there's still more to learn and grow into from there.

I was reminded this weekend from a guest pastor at our church that it takes a a lot of little choices to get where we are today, good or bad......baby steps. And if you're anything like me again, you're still taking lots of those small steps towards what's still ahead. Each step is somewhere I haven't been before and each one is new and exciting. Some steps are feeble, but each one after that is a little more sure, stronger and intentional. And just as this momma is leading her child, I often times need the strength and guidance of the One much more capable than myself. For me that is my God, who has led this business from the start and will continue to lead me. It's taking my baby steps alongside His big steps, and owning it!

I'd love to hear about yours! What's in your heart, and the baby steps that you are taking to make that happen? Fall, stumble at times, get back up, take a new step and own it! Remember, each step gets a little stronger, and each step will lead you closer to realization!

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