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Love's Legacy

When we're young we dream of meeting Mr. or Mrs. right. Some have carefully thought out lists of how their lives are to turn out, and who they are going to spend the days leading into their golden years with, while others are happy to let life happen as it will. Any which way it happens, love has a way of sneaking into our lives and turning us into a more complete version of ourselves. Love has the ability to move us, transform us, stretch us and transition us....this is because love is so much more than a word, thought or emotion. Love is real, it's powerful and it in itself stands the test of time even if others don't. Love changes us from the inside out and impacts the audience it draws. Love grows and creates; it produces fruit in our lives and in the new lives it creates as we watch our family's tree grow. Love is quiet and simple, it will speak tender words not spoken in times of brokenness and pain. It will sing a song in your heart, or send a chill down your spine in delight with just a soft touch. Love is so much more.....Love is a legacy!

Happy Anniversary Mark & Crystal! Your's is a love worth watching, as you live your life out in front of your precious family and friends, nurturing it's roots and letting them go down deep so that when all else of shaken, your's is a love that remains! To love and it's legacy in your lives!

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