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When Life Moves Too Fast

We've all been there....running around, deadlines to meet and a list of things to follow up on; trying to squeak one last minute into this crazy day just to check off one more item from the ever growing list of "to do's" and follow-ups. Phew! Just saying this I'm feeling that gnaw inside of all that needs to be done today. Life can sometimes feel like a run-away train, can I get an AMEN?!

But what happens when life moves too fast? What happens when it doesn't? If you are anything like me, I love lists! They keep me on track. They move me towards more, and get me closer to my goals. But when is it time to just put those lists aside for a time? What are some of the opportunities that we are actually missing out on by adding one more item to our day? 

We all heard the saying that life is too short right? Well, then think about it - if life is too short AND when life moves too fast, well then we have a life that passed us by completely without having the opportunity to ever really savor, protect and cherish all of life's most beautiful moments.

So today, in the midst of your very busy week, don't forget to slow down, go for a walk, do coffee with a friend, hug someone you love, and honor those who made you who you are. Your list will always be there. But now your perspective and ability to tackle your day will give new purpose and meaning, and a reminder of what's really important! Life really is too short not to slow it down a bit.

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