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(*Does not apply to Birthing and Wedding Contracts)


Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $50 will secure your booking date with the remaining balance to be paid no later than the time of the session. 

The deposit secures the Photographer's services, and in the event that the booking is moved due to inclement weather the deposit will held for up to 6 months of the original booked date. **See Cancellation & Postponement exceptions below.

***Any additional prints or products purchased are available above and beyond the original package, and no product will be ordered until payments are made in full.

Copyright and Reproductions

All photographic materials, including but not limited to digital files, negatives, transparencies, proofs, and previews, shall be the exclusive property of the Photographer, as such all the copyright privileges belong to Nicole Buist of When Creation Speaks Photography under the Canadian Copyright Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42

Client Usage

No images may be altered, sold for profit or given for commercial use by the Client or anyone other than the Photographer without the written express permission from the Photographer. Images, (whether digital or print), obtained by the Client are for personal use only.

***Commercial & not for profit exceptions. - However, if the Client images are intended for commercial or not for profit use, the Client may contact the Photographer in which case a signed release will be offered, while copyright still remains that of the Photographer and images may not be altered or manipulated. The Photographer will take on no liability when it comes to such publications by second or third parties entities. 


Should the Client cancel the for any reason, and within 7 days of the original session date booked, the deposit will not be refunded. If the Client cancels before that point %50 of the deposit will be retained by the Photographer.

In Cancelling, the Client should present their request by email or text.


Sometimes sessions need to be rescheduled do to inclement weather, in which case the original deposit and promotional price will be extended for up to 6 months of the original booked date, with unlimited number of postponements due to weather within that 6 month time frame.

If sessions are postponed due to the Client's change of schedule, and not due to inclement weather, there will be a 7% charge (of entire package). If the session becomes cancelled then after this point the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Multiple Location, Time Extensions & Multi-Family sessions

Typically a sessions are 2hrs, one location and one family set. I love to make exceptions wherever I'm able, to accommodate my Client's needs as best as I can. Below are the following understandings:

Multiple Location - additional fee of $50/50 klms radius - up to one additional location

Time Extensions - additional fee of $50/30 min extension - up to 1 hour

Multi-Family - It's understood that the above conditions apply to each additional family represented, as well as an additional fee of $75/family (exceptions may apply)


All image adjustments will be within the regular artistic work of the Photographer and does not include adjustments outside of her regular work (ie, Client body image issues, backdrops or eye/body swapping).

Any retouching outside of these guidelines can be made for minimal additional charges which may vary depending on the extensiveness of the work. As well, it is understood that there may retouches that are the exceptions and may not be made. Any such requests should be made by email or text and requested within 2 weeks of delivery of the digital files to the Client.

Model Release

It is understood that images produced by Nicole Buist of When Creation Speaks Photography may be used for digital or print marketing/advertising, and not for sale, nor are images given to second or third party entities, but are kept the property of When Creation Speaks Photography only. 

If the Client wishes, for privacy of at risk people's, not to allow these to be used for advertising, it is asked that the Client make their request known by signed and written letter, mailed to When Creation Speaks Photography @54 Bayview Dr. Grimsby ON, L3M 4Z8, along with an email to the Photographer indicating their intentions.


It is understood that not all conditions will apply to mini sessions. The following will not apply:

- No deposits are collected

- Location, time and single family sessions are set.

- Cancellation & Postponements will not be charged or extended.

Thank you!

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